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Landscape Painting Tutorial

Landscape Painting Tutorial


A 40 minute long tutorial video which covers my inspiration and influences, materials, techniques and processes, and a walk through of an entire landscape painting. You will also recieve a PDF document of step by step instructions, a colour mixing sheet, and some hand tips and tricks. 


Once you have paid for this you will have instant access to the PDF handout, and I will contact you directly within the day via email with an additional link your PDF, and a link for your video. 


You can request this either as a file to download (which I will send to you via WeTransfer) or as a video link to view online, whenever you like.


DISCLAIMER - this video was taken in one shot, and is delivered very much like one of my usual lessons or workshops (for which I charge £40 per session), and so may not be the most polished. I am an artist and not a videographer!

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